Meet the Cast

Maite Miramontes

Maite Miramontes by Hamish McCormick

Maite has been physically active since a young age and was trained as a competitive gymnast for over 10 years. She then found her love of performing and creativity with circus. Maite specialises in the use of movement through tumbling, acrobatics and trapeze. She has appeared at various cabarets within Australia and a number of works for Vulcana Women’s Circus; including Inertia which performed at  Wonderland Festival, MELT festival and Mullumbimby Circus Festival. In 2017, Maite performed and co-produced Resting B*tch Face for Common Thread Circus at Wonderland Festival. 

Rachael Gibson

Racahel Gibson by Rod Noendeng

Rachael Gibson, of Raucous Entertainment, specialises in all manner of weird and wonderful circus delights.  Based in Brisbane, Rachael’s performing career has taken her travelling extensively throughout Australia and abroad to Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia.  As well as character and clown work, previous performances have featured acrobalance, hula hooping, a variety of aerials, and some strange things that Rachael can do with her feet.

Regan & Elyse

Regan and Elyse by Mark Turner

Elyse (performer, stage manager, registered nurse) and Regan (producer, performer, teacher) started with the Karma Sutra, added a little queer, and then a whole load of acrobatic strength and grace. The Result? CARNIE SUTRA. It’s better than sex. This duo plays with the parallels in physical intimacy between circus and sex to show two women embracing every awkward, liberating and downright hot moment of meeting someone and taking them home.  Performing together since 2015 in Vulcana Circus student showcases and cabaret nights, Elyse and Regan formed this duo out of a larger all-female ensemble that toured several seasons of the full-length acrobatic show ‘Inertia,’ in Brisbane and Mullumbimby in 2016/17. They are currently devising a new, original work combing trio acrobatics, circus and live music into a full-length show with Brisbane based production company Fast and Loose.

Maddy Grant

Maddy Grant by Hamish McCormick

Maddy Grant is a Brisbane based circus performer, clown and physical theatre artist. Her background is Fringe Theatre and performance art, she started her circus training 8 years ago during an early mid-life crisis. Her work is best characterised as surreal, and frequently involves disagreements with inanimate objects and a lot of loud noises. She was a member of the Vulcana Womens Circus ensemble, appearing in the work Inertia which was performed at the Wonderland festival (2016) and the National Circus Festival (2017). She co-wrote, co-produced and appeared in Resting Bitch Face at the Wonderland Festival (2017). She is a founding member of the clown group Product Display Unit (2018), and has performed as a solo artists at festivals and Cabarets in and around South East Qld since 2014. She is currently producing and creating a new group show for the Anywhere Theatre festival 2019 called Dwell.

Jay and Felix

Jay and Felix

Jay & Felix create circus and physical performance work that originates from a queer surrealist perspective. They establish a striking and humourous aestheticism that explores ideas of belonging, isolation, and connection, and the relationship to body, perception and beingness. Jay & Felix’s debut work Disturbo, developed with the support of Vulcana Womenʼs Circus, has been performed at Vulcanaʼs Peculiar Rabble, and MOI Production’s Doomsday Disko. Jay & Felix were ensemble performers in Memorial for Brisbane Festival 2018. Most recently, they were invited to be guest artists for the creative development of Circaʼs Leviathan. Individually, Jay & Felix have performed in cabarets, showcases, and festivals in Germany and Australia.

Max Heers

Max Heers

Physical theatre, circus and dance are the springboard from which Brisbane based performer Max Heers leaps into an embodied exploration of gender, transformation and performativity. 

Ellen Grow

Ellen Grow by NFG Photography

Ellen trained in both gymnastics and sports acrobatics before falling in love with circus in her teens. Upon graduating high school she moved to China to train at Beijing International Arts School where she focused on handstands, partner acrobatics and aerials. She is passionate about circus and is constantly amazed by the way it enables performers to connect with audiences to challenge and inspire. Ellen now wants to channel her energy into transforming her handbalancing into a tool for creation, exploration, and empowerment.