“I loved it last time, I loved it even more this time” …”It makes sense that these trysts that happen in the dodgy motel room are told through circus and it works, it totally works.”

Susan Hetherington

“In Dwell, Collectivist have created a beautifully simple concept with endless possibilities that could easily be toured and reset with a rotating cast. The cast take us on an intimate dive into the worlds of some beautifully weird creations with equal parts humour, pathos and skills. I can’t wait to check-in again when they next have a vacancy.”

Adam Wood, Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

“Dwell” is a dynamic show. Its on-point soundtrack is a standout and lighting casts some stunning silhouettes of the physical performances in individual contortion and balance atop each other. Indeed, the strength and skill of every performer is undeniable, resulting in a number of well-earned mid-routine audience outbursts of applause.

Meredith Walker, Blue Curtains Brisbane